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Meet Roberta

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Roberta Kelly is Vice President of Practice Management at Brightpoint Health, one of the fastest growing non-profit organizations in the New York City area. She earned her BS in Biology at Marymount College and her Bachelors and Masters of Nursing at Pace University. She is ANCC and AAHIVM board certified. Roberta joined Brightpoint in 2011 as a Nurse Practitioner for Primary Care. As a Nurse Practitioner she performs primary medical care services to vulnerable populations. She provides health promotion and disease prevention education specific to patient needs. As well as well care, sick call, monthly physical examinations, facilitation and monitoring of hospitalizations and post-hospital follow-up care she also provides specialty medical care for patients living with HIV disease. In 2012 Roberta was promoted to Vice President of Practice Management where she oversees four different clinics and works collaboratively with other specialties to ensure patient's medical and psychiatric needs are met. She has participated in major growth and strategic planning for the organization to provide quality healthcare services to a predominantly homeless population. Various initiatives include development of integrated healthcare services and health information technology enhancements. In Roberta’s spare time she enjoys hiking, scary movies, and fishing.