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Get To Know Us


The Path To Wellness For New Yorkers

It's time to shine a light on what's important to our patients, to stay well and feel good about their health. Brightpoint Health is a place where everyone is treated with respect -- like family -- where they can come to grow and thrive.

Brightpoint Health is a leading nonprofit provider of integrated health care and social support services to New Yorkers, especially those challenged by poverty, discrimination and lack of access to health care. With almost 800 employees and locations throughout the five boroughs, Brightpoint serves 40,000 people including 130,000 health care visits annually. We are known for providing the highest quality care and improved outcomes while treating each and every patient with the kindness and respect they deserve.
Brightpoint Health breaks down the barriers to care. We provide New Yorkers with access to an extensive range of high-quality health care and social support services. We make measurable improvements in our patients’ health and wellness, so they can enjoy a better quality of life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Mission, Vision, Core Values

In 2016, Brightpoint is growing with new locations throughout the city. We have also added mobile health and dental centers which allow us to bring care directly to the most hard to reach patients and extend our reach to new communities. We are adding new services, including pediatric primary care. As we grow, our first commitment to quality of care and quality of service, will never change.

While we have expanded our services, our patient base and our physical locations over time, we remain committed to the Core Values that guide us. These 10 Core Values ensure that we deliver quality care, consistently and with respect and dignity, to all who need it. 


Brightpoint Health has effectively responded to the evolving health needs of New Yorkers for over 25 years. From a nursing home devoted to people with HIV/AIDS in the 1990s, to 23 operational sites located in all five boroughs by the end of 2016, Brightpoint has never wavered in its dedication to providing the highest quality care to New York City’s most underserved.

Meet Us

Brightpoint Health's leadership team is comprised of dedicated and diverse professionals who are committed to our mission and to improving the health of those we serve.