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Primary Care

Brightpoint’s extensive network of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and medical case managers use a team approach to meet our patients’ health care needs. We offer preventive care and treatment of both acute and chronic conditions.

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Behavioral Health

Brightpoint’s team of licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and psychiatrists offer behavioral health services through customized treatment plans for children, teens, and adults

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Dental Care

Brightpoint offers preventative dental care and routine procedures for children and adults. Our dentists strive to make every patient feel comfortable and reduce anxiety about dental treatment.


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Mobile Care

Brightpoint recently launched state-of-the-art mobile health and dental centers where providers see patients in convenient locations and care is available to the most hard-to-reach patients.


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Health Home

Health Home is a care management program for people with multiple chronic conditions, severe behavioral health issues or HIV. Patients work with a care manager to establish medical, behavioral and social goals. After permissions are properly secured, records are shared among health care providers and other services to ensure services are not duplicated or neglected and to prevent unnecessary emergency services and hospitalization.


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Adult Day Health Care

This program provides people living with HIV/AIDS comprehensive services in one location. ADHC offers a safe, supportive environment where clients work towards wellness under the supervision of a professional staff and with the assistance of their peers.


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Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Brightpoint develops individualized treatment programs based on each patient’s needs. Treatment may include group sessions, psychotherapy, medication or a combination. Our staff consists of trained and licensed professionals and the programs are appropriate for both voluntary and mandated participants.

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Pediatrics (Brightpoint For Kids)

You want the best for your child and so do we! You can turn to us for care when your child is sick and to help keep her well. We provide check-ups for school and activities, vaccinations and, of course, treatment for the illnesses and injuries kids get -- because they are kids.

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Buprenorphine / Suboxone Treatment

Do you or someone you love have a problem with heroin or pills?

Buprenorphine (or "Bupe") is a medication that treats addiction to opioids, including heroin and prescription painkillers.

Buprenorphine treatment is available at Brightpoint Health. Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider to discuss if it is a good match for you.

Bupe stops withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This makes it easier for you to stop using or cut down, so you can focus on other things that are important to you. Suboxone® is a common brand name for Bupe.

Treatment for substance use with medication is often not enough on its own. We offer additional support for people struggling with their substance use through our primary care, behavioral health, and substance use staff. At your first appointment, we can assess what extra support you need and connect you to care.

Read more about Buprenorphine treatment

Medicaid, Medicare and most other health plans pay for Bupe.

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Naloxone / Narcan Training - Overdose Prevention

Opioid overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in New York City and in the United States, surpassing even motor vehicle accidents. Overdose deaths are preventable, and, with naloxone, you can save a life.

Naloxone (also known as Narcan) is a medication that reverses overdoses from opioids such as heroin and prescription painkillers.

Naloxone is available to anyone who is at risk of opioid overdose — or knows someone who is. Opioids include prescription painkillers and heroin. Both can put people at risk of overdose. Ask your Brightpoint medical provider for naloxone. They may be able to provide you with the medication at your appointment, or give you a prescription to fill at your pharmacy.

Learn more about how to prevent overdose.

If you are not a Brightpoint patient, call 311 or click here to find a location near you to get naloxone.

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Naltrexone / Vivitrol Treatment

Naltrexone (also known as Vivitrol) is a medication used to treat both opioid and alcohol use disorders. It comes in a pill form or as an injection. The medication is prescribed to block the euphoric feelings of intoxication.

Naltrexone treatment is available at Brightpoint Health. Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider to discuss if it is a good match for you.

Treatment for substance use with medication is often not enough on its own. We offer additional support for people struggling with their substance use through our primary care, behavioral health, and substance use staff. At your first appointment, we can assess what extra support you need and connect you to care.

Find out more...

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Substance Use Medication Services

Our Services

Concerned that you or a loved need help?

Take an anonymous quiz

Do I need help with my alcohol use?

Do I need help with my substance use?

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Women’s Health Care



We’re happy to welcome you for in-person appointments for pre-natal care, PAP and annual exams, and oral and non-oral contraceptives.
When you first arrive for your appointment, come inside and tell someone at the front desk that you’re here. To make sure we don’t have too many people in the waiting room, we may ask you to wait outside or in your car until we are ready to see you for your appointment. One of our team members will come get you when your appointment can safely begin.
We ask that you come in for your appointment by yourself. If you are bringing your child in for a visit, or if you are a breastfeeding mother of a newborn, we ask that you do not bring children with you. This will help prevent spread of all illnesses, including COVID-19, the common cold, and the flu.
Everyone coming into the health center must wear a face mask. This follows New York State law and will help keep everyone safe. We also ask that you follow the social distancing rule and stay six feet away from other people when you’re in the health center.
Your temperature will be taken when you first come in. If your temperature is over 100 degrees, we will connect you with our clinical staff to help you with the most appropriate care. We may set up a telemedicine visit to assess your symptoms.
We will also ask you a few questions about any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 you may have had recently, and if you have been around anyone with COVID-19. If we think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, we will set up a telemedicine visit instead of an in-person visit to assess your symptoms.
If you are pregnant and have any respiratory symptoms (chills, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fever), please call us at 855-681-8700 before coming in for your appointment.
Thank you for helping us keep our patients and staff healthy and safe. We look forward to seeing you back at Brightpoint soon!

OB/GYN Services

Women’s Health Division

Brightpoint Health provides comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic services in Brooklyn at our Church Avenue Family Health Center and on Staten Island at the Brightpoint Bay Street Family Health Center.

Brooklyn OB/GYN

Brightpoint Women’s Health in Brooklyn, New York provides comprehensive health care for women in all stages of their lives utilizing the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment methods available. We work hard to ensure every patient receives personalized care and respect. Our entire staff is devoted to providing a professional, friendly, and comfortable environment that makes each individual visiting our Brooklyn offices a member of the Brightpoint Women’s Health family.

The office strives to make sure every aspect of your experience here is what you come to expect from your OB/GYN—that the utmost level of professionalism and diligent care you deserve is available whenever you need it.

Office Hours

Same-day appointments available. Walk-ins accepted.

Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 7 pm
Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 8 am – 3 pm

We accept most insurance plans and have a sliding fee scale for people without insurance. Our team is bilingual (Aqui se hable Espanol).

Our Services

  • Obstetrics
  • Pregnancy & Deliveries
  • Gynecology Services
  • Gynecologic Surgery
  • Robotic-assisted GYN Surgery
  • HPV Screening & Vaccinations
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Annual Health Maintenance

Call 718-940-2220 (BABY) to make an appointment for OB/GYN.

Want to schedule a primary care, pediatric, or behavioral health visit for the same day? Call 855-681-8700.

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Adult Day Resources

Grab-and-go basics, including breakfast, lunch, a snack, and pre-wrapped roll of toilet paper, are available at the below sites for you to take away!

Pickup is has been modified! It is now Mondays-Fridays, 11AM - 1 PM

105-04 Sutphin Blvd.
Jamaica, NY

1545 Inwood Ave
Bronx, NY

Please note other food resources available to all clients across New York City. Click the link below for further information:
FROM NOTIFY NYC: Starting April 3rd, 3 free meals will be available for ALL New Yorkers in more than 400 Meal Hubs, Mon-Fri:

Brightpoint ADHC Groups

All-site group schedule
Mondays: 11AM Stress Management (Bronx ADHC)
Tuesdays: 11AM Emotional Wellness (Brooklyn ADHC), 2PM Relapse Prevention (Queens ADHC)
Wednesdays: 11AM Risky Business (Queens ADHC), 2PM Emotional Wellness (Bronx ADHC)
Thursdays: 11AM Relapse Prevention (Bronx ADHC), 2PM Coping with Loss (Brooklyn ADHC)
Fridays: 11AM Mindfulness & Meditation (Brooklyn ADHC), 2PM Stress Management (Queens ADHC)
Site-specific group schedule
Mondays: 12PM Women’s Group (Bronx ADHC), 1PM Substance Abuse (Brooklyn ADHC)
Tuesdays: 10AM No Worries (Bronx ADHC), 12PM Open-Mic (Queens ADHC), General Art Therapy (Brooklyn ADHC)
Wednesdays: 10AM Community Meeting (Brooklyn ADHC), 10AM Clearing Foggy Lens (Bronx ADHC), 12PM Creative Writing (Queens ADHC), 12PM Journey to Recovery (Bronx ADHC)
Thursdays: 12PM Writing to Cope (Bronx ADHC), 12PM Positive Living (Brooklyn ADHC)
Fridays: 10AM Emotional Wellness (Bronx ADHC)
It is important we keep you connected during this time. To receive updates on Brightpoint Adult Day Health Care remote services, text “Brightpoint” to 21000


While our ADHC Program sites are closed for in-person services due to guidance from the New York State Department of Health until further notice, we will continue to provide telephonic individual and group services. 
See the contact information for our counseling staff below: 
Bronx ADHC Team
Anisha Perez-Miller, Clinical Director
Phone: 929-246-4296
Dericia Adams
Phone: 917-887-8593
Perrin Avent
Phone: 917-846-1951
Andrew Mawuube
Phone: 917-848-9779
Ian Walker
Phone: 646-946-2238
Brooklyn ADHC Team
Elizabeth Warren, Clinical Director
Phone: 929-502-5068
Izuannette Garcia-Cintron 
Phone: 917-881-2163
Mercedes Vega
Phone: 917-902-0001
Venishka Williams
Phone: 718-306-8891
Queens ADHC Team
Jeffrey Monestime, Operations Director
Phone: 929-246-0508
Madonna Adymy
Phone: 929-459-1898
Norman Candelario
Phone: 929-459-3193
Grace Prince
Phone: 929-459-3249
Keith Storey
Phone: 929-459-1896
During weekdays from 9am-5pm, you can call one of our Clinical Directors regarding any emergencies.
Bronx: Anisha Perez-Miller. 929-246-4296
Brooklyn: Elizabeth Warren. 929-502-5068
Queens: Jeffrey Monestime. 929-246-0508

Mental Health Care / Crisis Services

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Helpline
Call and Chat: 1-888-NYC-WELL
Text: “WELL” to 65173
NYC Health + Hospitals

NYC Food Services

Meal schedule: Mon-Fri, 3 meals per day


To limit the spread of COVID-19, Brightpoint clinics are shifting most visits to telemedicine. A telemedicine visit is like a regular doctor’s visit, but as a video chat. 
For an appointment:
  1. Click here
  2. Call 1-855-681-8700.
  3. Text “telemedNYC” to 21000

Brightpoint Care Management Programs

Queens Health Home
8931 161 st St., Jamaica, NY 11432 (10 th Floor)
Contact: Maria Valenzuela
Phone: 718-681-8700, ext. 7000
Alternate: 347-387-6630
Brooklyn Health Home
2412 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226
Contact Person: Tiye Blair
Phone: 646-596-4131
Bronx Health Home
1765 Townsend Ave, Bronx, NY 10453
Contact Person: Sonia Concepcion
Phone: 646-477-9016
Manhattan Health Home
248 W 35 th Street, New York, NY 10001 (11 th Floor)
Contact Person: Angela Go
Phone: 718-681-8700 ext. 6501


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Our Mobile Centers Are Here!

Brightpoint recently launched state-of-the-art mobile health and dental centers where providers see patients in convenient locations and care is available to the most hard to reach patients.

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