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Reverend Dr. Scott L. Stearman Pastor, Metro Baptist Church, Hells Kitchen Reverend Dr. Scott Stearman is the Pastor of Metro Baptist Church in Hells Kitchen (a well-known Manhattan neighborhood) with a progressive congregation whose ministries offer an array of social services and a non-profit, Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries. Prior to moving to New York, Dr. Stearman spent 12 years in the St. Louis, Missouri area, where he served as Senior Pastor of the Kirkwood Baptist Church. He was on the board of Promo (Missouri’s LGBT advocacy organization), served as a Vice-Chair of the board of directors for Doorways Interfaith AIDS Housing and was a member of the Internal Review Board for Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Rev. Dr. Stearman has published numerous articles and op-eds on subjects such as same-sex marriage and race relations. Previously, Rev. Stearman served churches in Athens Greece, Paris France, and his native state of Oklahoma. He holds masters degrees from Southwestern Baptist Seminary, Princeton Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Classical Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma. In addition to his pastoral role, Rev. Stearman helps coordinate the Baptist human rights and religious liberty advocacy voice at the United Nations.